Re-branding of the “Nova TV” Visual Identity


The new audio-visual identity of the Nova TV group

Nova TV, the most watched commercial television station and the strongest multimedia group in Croatia, after almost 10 years changes its visual and sound identity.

A new logo and sound signature of Nova TV is a reflection of many successful business years reflected by confirming the corporation’s top position of the media business and modern television successfully integrated with the digital platform. Technological innovations, trend-setting and continuous investment in people, technology, quality production and program are just some of the key business goals and successful results of Nova TV.

As part of the new corporate identity, viewers will have the opportunity to see the new logo in the Nova TV program as well as a series of new visuals filmed on many different locations throughout Croatia.


Anita Andreis was chosen to score the signature theme, more than eleven variations and signature logo sound for the new visual identity of the Nova TV group. She was asked to compose classical music with a modern flavour that will feature unity, courage, warmth and boldness, thus representing the brand of a Television with corresponding characteristics.


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