Anita Andreis is a Croatian music producer, singer-songwriter and award-winning composer for film, television and theatre.

Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, she took up a piano and guitar and began composing at a young age.

Inspired by the work of both classical and film music composers, she has been producing a cinematic quality work that soon after led her music being used in movies and commercials. She continued her life-long music professional study on Berklee College of Music, first specializing in “Production of music for film and games” and then completing her Master studies of „Orchestration for Film and TV“ when awarded by the Celebrity Scholarship of Michel Camilo as a most promising Berklee student with exceptional achievements.

From a unique style of orchestration and orchestral colours engraved in rich textured compositions to haunting minimalistic piano melodies, she repeatedly creates the subliminal power to elicit a strong emotional response of an audience with her film scores. That combined with the well developed dramaturgical sensibility made her a much sought-after film score composer.

Among the many films and theatre shows and TV shows she has scored and contributed to are: Silvije Petranovic’s movie and 4-part TV series: „The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker“ (one of three most-watched Croatian movies), critically acclaimed animation movie of award-winning artist Zdenko Bašić „Guliver“, last David Carradine’s movie „Night of the Templar“, Kirk Harris’s „Chamaco“, Taya Zubova’s „My Dear Fish“ in SL Studio production in Moscow, Russia; mystical animation short film „Bobo“; successful ballet show with internationally acclaimed choreographer Leo Mujic „The Silence of my Murmur“ (for Croatian National Theatre‘s 150th season celebration), award-winning ballet show „Ghost“ (for New Orleans Ballet Association), Marko Juraga’s satirical comedy adaption of „Look who’s back“  and “39 steps” in Theatre Comedy production etc. In 2019., the most watched Croatian television Nova TV hired Anita Andreis for the project of Rebranding Nova TV’s Visual Identity, to create their new TV signature sound and compose music that will breathe with their new visuals.

She won the Best Music Awards Jury Prize for her scores for animation movies „Guliver“ and „Bobo“.

The soundtrack for „The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)“ was released in 2015 and soundtrack „Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)“ in March 2019.

Over a career, her musical journey shifted and expanded into a new territory of a singer-songwriter. Her new storytelling expression has been opened to the public with single releases „Little Spring Snow Leftovers“, „Clever Trick“, „Your Pain is My Paint“ and „Soldier“, claiming high places at top lists and alternative music radio stations and finalist positions at Songwriting Contests.

Her songs, due to unusual stories and sound, quirky musical arrangements and complex structures, defies categorisation, causing reviewers to describe it as an „orchestral, ambient, indie, dark pop and art rock all at the same time“ or „an alternative pop-rock genre meshed with a film composing background to form her unique sound“.

A plethora of adjectives describes her unique songwriting style, along with many comparisons to Bjork, Kate Bush, Pj Harvey, Sigur Ros etc. , but it must be listened in order to appreciate the pristine mix of instrumentals and vocals into a cohesive piece of art.

Her music is composed in her own recording studio, acoustically adapted and equipped to record her partitures performed both by herself and highly talented professional musicians she collaborates with regularly, using the highest quality studio gear. The aim of cherishing the initial idea/emotion spark all through the release-ready product resulted in further polishing of her mixing and mastering techniques along with the songwriting and composing capabilities.


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