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  • Review by Alec Cunningham ****
    Croatian singer-songwriter Anita Andreis is equipped with a raspy voice complete with soothing, melodic harmonies that are a delight for the ears. Her most recent project is her first single from her solo project titled “Little Spring Snow Leftovers.” Not only is Andreis a songwriter, but she is also an award-winning film composer. And that style peeps through with her solo work. “Little Spring Snow Leftovers” has a compositional vastness to it that provides the track with layers of intricacy. With this new singer-songwriter venture, Andreis pulls influence from her background in orchestra and film. Her vocals fill much of the space in the track and the instrumentation does the rest of the work. Though there is a lot going on in this song, it creates the perfect amount of presence and generates the precise buildup necessary. She knows how to build up suspense in her tracks, both through her vocals as well as through her track composition.<br /> On top of that Andreis proves herself once again through her songwriting capabilities. The track is about falling in love and the hold love can have over a person. She concludes the first verse with, “And she said, take me to the desert; I know we’ve just met, but I sink down through layers of you.” She writes in a way that allows listeners us an intimate glimpse at an unfolding love story. It will be interesting to sit down and listen to a subsequent full-length release from the musician; she may very well surprise us all with a release to be remembered.
  • Ashar
    Excellent harmonies....and the song Little Spring Snow Leftovers has its own character. Reminded me of Stevie Nicks..nostalgic feel...pretty awesome..
  • Denis K.
    ``Your Pain is My Paint`` Everything is said and played in this song! ...This kind of music is a soul healing experience! Thanks!
  • Jeff Roberts
    Tori Amos without the self-pity. I really enjoyed this!!
  • Fredrik Swahn
    Magical! A wonderful song with a beautiful story. I love how the singer's voice is layered on top of itself in a way that creates a very special sound.

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