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Andreis’s music is emotional with intellectual depth which results in subliminal power that plunges into the narrative character of the film both with her haunting melancholic and ethereal expression or dense orchestral textures forming a rather brutal and aggressive experience.

dr.sc. Irena Paulus, Film Music Critic

I’ve collaborated with Composer Anita Andreis on a variety of Hollywood movies from 2009 as the CEO of The Composer collective (TCC) where the industries best composers collaborated on powerful musical scores of a singular vision. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Anita and also was her mentor and supervisor.

As an expert in music and a Composer myself, I can easily recommend Anita as a very versatile and engaged Composer with a very efficient and dedicated attitude, to deliver high-end music for Film and TV within any time frame. Unique in her vision and diverse in her range, Anita truly delivers outstanding results on each film she approaches. She is also a very knowledgeable Producer that can provide a high-quality mock-ups, along with live studio recordings of musicians.

Evan Evans, Film Composer

Anita posses a rare knowledge and composing skills for scoring music for films. Regardless the fact that she also creates other types of music as a singer-songwriter and writes music for theatre shows, her education gained at Berklee College of Music, resulted in exceptional talent that stands out among classically trained composers thus enabling her the communication and collaboration with different film directors to be smooth and easy. Her enthusiastic interest in literally every aspect of film making urged me to frequently share and discuss my ideas with her.

At this moment I’m working on a screenplay for a feature film ‘’Anechoic chamber’’ which is inspired with friendship and discussions with Anita. It is my great pleasure and privilege to recommend her as a person, musician and a Composer.

Romana Rozic, Film Director

Anita’s musical superiority & wisdom put her in the rare position of being a composer who confidently supplies a professional solution for any film/theatre soundtrack, while also being a singer-songwriter writing meaningful and emotionally charged songs.

Scott Sanfield, Musician

Anita’s music is: Pure passion. A lavine of colors that intertwine together into a massive wave of emotions. An innocent child playing that tiny piano, unexpectedly morphing into a huge colorful butterfly or a gigantic chameleon in a wild jungle. It just doesn’t stop to amaze me… Everytime. All over again

Ivan Arnold, Composer

From the moment Anita started working as a composer on our film – Segrt Hlapic (The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker), she had this amazing energy and was totally immersed into the story which enabled her to find themes for each scene and character to exactly match my vision as a director. Moreover, she could very quickly adapt to any changes continuously changing the tunes with incredible energy and feelings. It was a brilliant producer-director-composer co-operation. On the project, everything went very smoothly from the beginning till the very end and within timeframes given. She is a very communicative artist, ready to give everyone a second chance, as she always sees the best in people. That’s one of the traits that makes her a great co-worker together with high responsiveness and a great talent for sensing what the director wants and what film needs to become the best version of it.

Silvije Petranovic, Film Director & Producer

Andreis, who is a well-known composer of powerful emotions, successfully follows the personal and social transformation of a boy Bobo. Her music provides a three-dimensional pleasure as well as the key to understanding metaphors.

SEEbiz had the honour to listen to the whole soundtrack of the movie “Bobo”. Andreis manages to awaken the whole spectrum of emotions in a listener, which gives her film scores a precise and brilliant feel. From grief to tenderness, compassion, insurgency, excitement, the feeling of complete freedom and the supremacy, the undying strength of peace and finally reconciliation within their own existential habit.

Kresimir Butkovic, Journalist

So why is her music for this utterly delightful film so good? Because she managed to express a whole range of emotions through her music, which facilitates a better understanding of the story and gives the film yet another dimension. Had this been the case of music composed for a Hollywood movie, backed by a powerful film studio, Anita Andreis might have even won the Oscar together with the compliments, thereby joining the film score greats the like of John Williams, Hans Zimmer and others.  Such beautiful and sincere emotions conveyed by wonderful music can rarely be heard in Croatia.

Dubravko Jagatic, Journalist & Music Critic

At the time when electronic music prevails, it is really refreshing to hear a classical piece of music, especially when it resonates with the nostalgic, supernatural film narrative. In the manner of Erik Satie, there are passages that take us back to childhood, creating a feeling of great comfort.

27th Days of Croatian Film, Jury (Best Music Award)

Mastery of Andreis’s score coloured each of the segments of the movie with the supreme precision articulating the right ambience and emotional tone, at times achieved even with a minimal composing aesthetic. There are no overly abundant arrangements that might suffocate the basic emotion. Everything in this score is pure as a child’s imagination, which, ultimately is the main story of the movie.

Srdjan Strajnic, Journalist & Music Critic

On Gulliver I had an opportunity to collaborate with the composer Anita Andreis. When she composed the music, afterwards I was able to see the other part of my own film that had been till then unfathomable even to me.

Zdenko Basic, Film Director

Anita Andreis is a truly talented artist. Working with her was pleasant, joyful, inspiring and affirmative experience. She was extremely devoted to the project, cooperative and effective, never losing inspiration and never exceeding deadlines. Our communication was frequent, rich and meaningful. During the nights and days, when working together in her studio, she would rarely appear tired and she would rarely stop wearing a smile. All that time, I had a feeling that she loved my film as much as I did.

The emotions her music brought to the movie were literally beyond my expectations… She created magnificent and, from my opinion, epic piece of work, and yet simple and unobtrusive, supporting the moving picture in a harmonious and symbiotic way. Her music and my visual became one, and Bobo became alive.

Anita recognized and felt all important details carrying the story I wanted to be told, gave it a breath and the fuel to fly.

Although one would (honestly humanly:) want to keep her as the exclusive composer, Anita Andreis is a talent that I am open-hearted and open-minded recommending to all other talents in the world. During the process of working with Anita, we became friends, and this is maybe the most precious value we’ll both carry through our lives. I am honoured and happy to have the privilege of knowing her.

Andrej Rehak, Film Director

“Your Pain is My Paint” Everything is said and played in this song! This kind of music is a soul healing experience! Thank you!

Denis Kozlica, Musician

Croatian singer-songwriter Anita Andreis is equipped with a raspy voice complete with soothing, melodic harmonies that are a delight for the ears. Not only is Andreis a songwriter, but she is also an award-winning film composer. And that style peeps through with her solo work. Her songs have a compositional vastness that provides the tracks with layers of intricacy. With this new singer-songwriter venture, Andreis pulls influence from her background in orchestra and film. Her vocals fill much of the space in the track and the instrumentation does the rest of the work. Though there is a lot going on in her songs, she creates the perfect amount of presence and generates the precise buildup necessary. She knows how to build up suspense in her tracks, both through her vocals as well as through her track composition.

On top of that Andreis proves herself once again through her songwriting capabilities. The track “Little Spring Snow Leftovers” is about falling in love and the hold love can have over a person. She concludes the first verse with, “And she said, take me to the desert; I know we’ve just met, but I sink down through layers of you.” She writes in a way that allows listeners an intimate glimpse at an unfolding love story. It will be interesting to sit down and listen to a subsequent full-length release from the musician; she may very well surprise us all with a release to be remembered.

Alec Cunningham, Music Reviewer


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