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Little Spring Snow Leftovers

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Different Musical Identity

Knowing me as a film composer, this song might come as a surprise.

However, all of these stubborn song-stories just couldn’t let go of me for the past few years. I had to write them down in my own way and share them with the world to remain at peace. All of the songs were written in one breath, but it took me quite a while to let them go and to share this particular path of my very intimate musical journey.

Why LSSL as a first single?

I wanted to start with my “light” before showing you my ”dark”.


About the Song

We are born into this world alone and so we begin our journey. Along the way on this long winding path we eventually end up seeking many things. One of which is love. Eventually, we begin to find we have a void within us, which most of the forms of love can’t seem to fill. 

We have all known loneliness and a shiver cold emptiness within our soul which seems to stretch for an eternity. While drifting aimlessly upon the ocean of humanity with no particular destination, nor land in sight and with no home, sometimes, if we are lucky, we stumble upon the significant eyes.

We recognize the eyes. What we then experience is more than a feeling, and certainly more than merely falling in love. But it is also the end to many things as it instantly shakes everything we thought we knew. Sometimes, the fearful tendency is to run from it, but then the choice, to doom yourself and the other person to be haunted for the rest of your life, is made.

But, if you stay, you realize that HOME is the person you always want to return to. LSSL is about that exact moment of recognition. 



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