Melbourne Story


“Go where’s that feeling!”


I was taking pictures of a bridge in Melbourne when I spotted interesting, hippy-like long-bearded man doing the same but from the other side. He was looking at the moon while I was looking at the sun. He seemed quite interesting and probably if I’d have been in Asia I’d approach him but it’s different in Australia. I’m less open here, more down to earth. So I just walked away.
After a few minutes, we stumbled upon each other again on a different spot.

He crossed the street to my side and asked:

– Hey it is good taking photos from this spot, isn’t it?
– It certainly is. I love the mixture of all these diverse stories – trains and skyscrapers, bridge, sun and the moon although it’s impossible to capture it all in just one picture.
– I was taking a picture of a moon only. It is going to be full again in a few days. I love the moon. Considering the accent… are you from North America?
– No. I’m from Europe. Croatia.
– Oh I know Croatia. It’s below Austria and I’ve been living in Vienna for years. I’ve also been to Istria. Your country is beautiful. Now I live in Byron Bay.
– Byron Bay! I love Byron Bay! It was the first place I experienced in Australia and arguably the one I liked the most!
– It is beautiful, but sometimes it’s hard for me to cope with the comparison of how it is now and how it was in my days. Did you know it’s the most eastern spot in Australia so it’s also the most intense place in Australia? All the best and all the worst is right there in Byron.
– Hm. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I felt something very intense there. At the tallow beach. Below the lighthouse.

Seeing through the metaphors

– I reckon you’ve been to Australia many times, right?
– Unfortunately not. This is my first time ever. I’ve been here for a bit more than a month and I’m leaving tomorrow.
– Leaving tomorrow? I don’t usually approach people, being an introvert, but I did that with you and you’re leaving tomorrow! I wonder what does that metaphor mean?
– Oh, so you’re also seeing things through metaphors!
– Of course I do! Its like seeing through the glass. I’m a glass artist. What is your talent?
– Music.
– Oh you must be an extraordinary piano player.
– Not really. But you’ve got it right. Piano is my instrument.
– My son is a piano player so it’s easy to guess. Don’t took me as some psychic. I just noticed you’re moving your piano fingers whenever you hear music. Like from the car that passed us by a minute ago. He does that all the time.
– You’re noticing little things. That’s nice.
– Of course I do. Artists do that.  Why did you come to Australia?
– I was being drawn here.
– I was never being drawn to Australia.
– But you live here.
– I lived at Nepal also. It doesn’t mean anything. I felt like home only in India.
– Interesting. I was never being drawn to India.
– You know, our world today. It’s plastic. Plastic world, plastic people. You can’t talk with anybody like we’re talking now.
– But, can’t you see it is possible? Maybe that’s your metaphor. To try to approach people more often.
– Noo. Not my thing. Can you change a ticket for a few days ahead?
– No.

Always take a weather with you

– OK. What is your sun sign? I’m cancer. I’m a glass sculpture maker born on the day of the revolution.
– Which revolution?
– What’s your sign? And the month.
– Taurus. May.
– How cold it is now in your country?
– It’s around zero I think.
– And I can see you’re freezing now. Do you know that song “always take a weather with you?”
– Oh yes. I didn’t hear it for quite a long time.
– Yeah. It’s a pity they don’t play it much anymore on a radio. But do remember that song when you get back. You don’t have to be cold anywhere. Keep yourself warm from the inside.
– Ok, I’ll try. It was so nice to meet you! I have to go now. This is my train station.
– So, that’s it? You know Anita, I know you’ll come back to Australia again. See? (showing me goosebumps he’s got when he said that) That’s the prove. You are going to return.
– I hope so.

Go where’s that feeling

– And you know…. It’s not what you do in life. It’s when you feel so f overwhelmed with the need to share it with the world. When you say “This is my work and I’m f! proud of it.” Go there where’s that feeling. We, artists can create anywhere, but we don’t get that feeling of sharing on too many spots.

– Hm. Interesting point of view. I’ll think about it. It resonates as a truth to me. Thank you.
– OK. bye. See you at a Tallow beach next year? The first place you saw in Australia and the last place you’ve been reminded of because we’ve met. 
– See you at a Tallow Beach next Year  Thank you for the reminder.


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  • Reinhard Epic Herber on

    There I make the effort to come into town to read Your loving article + I forget my glasses. Being a photographer it is not such a bad thing – because to create an appriture with Your hand is possible + so someone can read it without the glasses. Unfortunately still so very busy + so the best thing is the wish You for everything all the very best !!! xxx <3

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