The Story Behind My Music

If it isn’t happy, may it influence you in a positive way?

Oh yes!

Let me explain.

Self-protection is a foremost human characteristic, thus avoiding confrontation with the most inner fears is our natural tendency. Nevertheless, fears are crawling inside our subconscious anyway, thus affecting our general perception of the world and ourselves.
When I first discovered, what I used to call, my inner enemy, it took me awhile to realize it’s not an enemy in its core. It is how I perceive it because it’s standing in my way of this time here and now. I strongly believe direct confrontation is the only solution (to any challenge). Come on, let’s see what you’ve got!

About Chapter One (upcoming album release)

Each time when I was courageous enough to do it, I wrote a song for the Chapter One. So, you may say each song in this chapter is a battle. However, no matter how tough our stories are, as long as we are strong enough to face them, the world remains perfectly OK.
Chapter One is full of stories with vivid images and palpable emotions, movies in a way. Movies are like dreams and dreams are a way to replay a choice. I chose freedom and light. And I firmly believe, by listening to Chapter One, you will go through your own battles only to win your own freedom and strength.

Chapter One is going to be released when the right time comes. Soon, I hope. You’ll know.

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