Places, chords & tonalities

How our surroundings influence our thinking patterns

Just like our biochemistry has an effect on our thinking, there is also an influence on our mindsets that we get from our surroundings.

Similar to music harmony it is all about being consonant depending on tonality you’re naturally in. That’s why there is no perfect place suitable for everybody. It depends on your tonality. And the resonance according to it.

Places & music scales

For example, some places in Australia are like C major with a flavour of the seventh. To me. Brisbane was more like C sus 2. Nice colour with some slight resolution needed. Beautiful colour.
Byron Bay was like an arpeggiated harp on F# minor seventh. My favourite. I could easily die there and feel like I fulfilled my purpose just by seeing it. 

Some places are more like an octatonic scale. I felt it in Indonesia. My musical mind was freaking out there. 

Some places don’t make music at all. Or they do but it’s inaudible to you so you make your own. That’s what I was doing in Croatia for all those years. And I am grateful for that experience. Nowhere in the world would I make such musical pieces.

Input / Output

At some places, there is a wind to your back and the support and you can do anything! At least you believe it so and that’s a good start. That’s all you need anyway. To believe you can. All the rest is hard work and a bit of a luck.
At some places no matter the effort the result is extremely diminished.

So. It all comes to input/output.

And maybe at some point in life when you’re listening to the ocean waves and laughter from the beach while thinking about war and injustice occurring somewhere else in the world…. you just don’t get this awkward structure of life which can’t be changed and there comes a paradox…. Or is it the paradox? Or is it just like it should be? Because it is?


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