New Release: Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


‘Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ is the second soundtrack album by an award-winning film composer & singer-songwriter Anita Andreis, released on 30 March 2019 by Clever Trick Music. It was preceded by the soundtrack ‘The Brave Adventures of a little Shoemaker’, released in 2015 and by the singles “Clever Trick”, “Little Spring Snow Leftovers”, “Soldier” and “Your Pain is my Paint”.

The album was executively produced by Anita Andreis herself and mastered by Ognjen Cvekic. Bobo opens with minimalist piano theme eventually leading to a full orchestra build ups with a strong emotional impact of different levels, colours, textures and intensities. It musically explores a world of fictitious unhappiness and loneliness to an imaginary world of fulfilment, adventure and happiness. The album received positive reviews upon release, with music critics lauding Andreis’s delicate approach to each scene enhancing the story and the character in a most meticulous way.

It’s not long for that reason.
Album Release Date: 30.03.2019.
Publisher: Clever Trick Music / ASCAP
☘️March 30th available on CDBaby & Bandcamp
☘️April 6th available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Deezer
April 13th available on every streaming platform

About The Movie

Bobo is a story about a journey between two similar and infinitely different worlds within the same universe.

A story of a journey from the world of misconception to a world of knowledge, from a world of inhibition to a world of fearless freedom.
This universal message speaks to all generations regardless of cultural, religious, political, national, ethnic or other contexts.

Bobo Animation Movie by Andrej Rehak Music by Anita Andreis

Movie Credits

Written and Directed by Andrej Rehak
Producers: Vinko Bresan, Kresimir Zimonic, Simon Narath Bogojevic
Executive Producer: Andrijana Vidacek
Sound Design: Damir Roncevic
Sound Advisor: Richard Edgeler


  • Best Music Award on 27th Days of Croatian Film

“In this days of electronic music, it was quite a refreshment to hear the classical film music, especially when it is in harmony with the nostalgic, supernatural story of the film.

It takes us to childhood and creates a sense of great pleasure.“

Dragan Ruljancic, 27th Days of Croatian Film Jury, June 2018.

  • Golden Olive Award for promoting ethical values in movies

Soundtrack Credits:

Music Score, Orchestration: Anita Andreis
Mastering: Ognjen Cvekic



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