New Release “Soldier”

I am happy to present you my new song “Soldier”, released on Wednesday, 21.3.! 🙂

It’s inspired by the story of the Cambodian soldier I’ve heard during my travelling through Asia. It’s what you go through after seeing things no human should ever see.
In a song, though, I didn’t address any particular events. I was writing about what is left of the one after those kinds of experiences. A mixture of apathy and the anger. In those terms, I’m sure we all have days (or periods of time) when there is no much of a difference between “my” Cambodian soldier, you or me. So… do listen 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Piano, Vocals: Anita Andreis
Drums: Filip Žganec
Electric guitars: Nikola Nikita Jeremić
Acoustic guitar: Ognjen Cvekić
Bass: Tomislav Franjo Šušak
Mix & Mastering: Ognjen Cvekić & Anita Andreis
Artwork: Tatya TP


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