“The Seven Princesses” Book Trailer


The Seven Princesses – Picture Book Trailer


Once upon a time, there were seven princess sisters who did everything together, from horseback riding to jumping in royal leaf piles to throwing legendary piñata parties. But one day, they had the biggest fight in the entire history of princess fighting. There was no worse sound than the sound of this fight. Will the sisters ever find a way to fill their kingdom with sounds of laughter and playing again?

Princesses of all sizes will royally delight in this modern-day fairy tale of sibling rivalry, adventure, and unconditional sisterly love.

Illustrated by Smiljana Coh

Designed by Frances J. Soo Ping Chow

Edited by Marlo Scrimizzi

Published by Running Press Kids

Trailer: animation: Ivana Radic

Music: Anita Andreis

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