“Look Who’s Back” Theater Show


“Look Who’s Back”

“It is a satire of a modern time that perfectly reflects the hypocrisy of the modern world, where what’s trivial stands out and thus mediocrity and ridicule come to the center of attention.”

In 2012. Timur Vermes released his first novel: “Look Who’s Back”. In that satirical novel, Adolf Hitler wakes up in Berlin in 2011, in a vacant lot in Berlin which appears to be the location of the garden outside the bunker where he was burned, with no knowledge of anything that happened following his death in 1945. Homeless and destitute, he interprets everything he sees and experiences in 2011 and slowly becomes a media star – initially as a guest of various humorous shows to eventually become politically active. The novel became a hit and was translated into 27 languages, a movie was filmed, and many European theatres adapted the novel. Every theatre made its own “adaptation” – its own view of Hitler. In this trailer, you can see a few scenes from the perspective of a director Marko Juraga who adapted the novel for the show.

Roman puts the reader in a position to satirically observe Hitler’s observation of today’s politics, today’s media and the “modern” man in general. The paradox that the writer brings is that we are slowly realising how we are full of hate. We would rather laugh at a fool than admire a person with values and qualities. That’s exactly how media is mirroring a modern man. It is through such “contemporary paradoxes” that Vermes attempts by Hitler to show us who we really are. Adaptation of the novel provides all the elements of contemporary “serious” comedy; satirical approach to the present time, an immediate re-examination of the “truth”, but also countless moody comic situations.

In short, this is the “comedy of recognition” that sets the ensemble of a Theater Comedy really tricky task – not to do the comedy. Dramatic scenes, which lead to laughter in their truth and seriousness, make actors look more dramatic than comical.

About Music for the Show

To set the right tone for the show, director Marko Juraga specifically asked a sort of seriousness in music from a composer. Although there were plenty of other musical themes, such as TV jingles and Opening themes for different TV shows etc., there were more than 4 themes providing a clear message to the audience that this is a serious show that should make us think and contemplate upon mediocrity and hypocrisy we are allowing to enter our lives. Is it because it reflects us? Or can we do something about it?

Academy Award for the main Actor

Croatian Actor Awards (also called the Croatian Theatre Oscar): a ceremony of the most prestigious professional awards in 29 categories covering, first and foremost, the dramatic arts (theatre, radio and television), and opera, operettas, musicals, ballet and dance. The ceremony has been held annually from 1992. In 2018 notable Croatian actor Drazen Cucek won an Award for the role “He” in this theatre show. During a ceremony, while receiving the award, in his speech, the actor publicly shared his admiration of Anita Andreis’s music and dedicated composing approach to this show.


This comedy does not discuss the crimes of World War II.

Authors and Actors

More about the show (in croatian) here.

Timur Vermes: Look Who’s Back (Croatian: OPET ON), satirical comedy
Based on a novel by Timur Vermes: Er is wieder da
Adapted by: Marko Juraga

Directed by: Marko Juraga
Dramaturgy: Jelena Veljača
Scenography: Darko Petrović
Costumees: Elvira Ulip
Composer: Anita Andreis 
Lighting: Igor Šeler
Scenski pokret: Morana Paškiević


He: Dražen Čuček
Momak 1: Ivan Magud
Momak 2: Adnan Prohić
Newspaper Guy: Goran Malus
Frank Sawatzki: Fabijan Pavao Medvešek
Jochim Sensenbrink: Davor Svedružić
Walter Richter: Igor Mešin
Hotel host: Mirela Brekalo Popović
Driver:: Filip Juričić
Özlem: Vini Jurčić
Bellini: Sanja Marin
Krwtsczyk, (Krfčk – Krojačić): Dajana Čuljak
Vera Krömeier: Ana Magud
Hans, glumac: Ivan Čuić
Ali Wizgür, komičar, TV-voditelj: Ronald Žlabur
Ute Kessler, novinarka Bilda: Jasna Bilušić
Kärrner, predsjednik Flashlighta: Zlatko Ožbolt
Tajnik ureda nacističke stranke: Adnan Prohić
Brigitte: Vini Jurčić
Model: Morana Paškiević
Holger Apfel*, predsjednik nacističke stranke: Ivan Magud
Renate Künast*, stranka Zelenih političarka: Nera Stipičević
Neo-naci 1: Adnan Prohić
Neo-naci 2: Ivan Magud
Neo-naci 3: Boris Barberić
Neo-naci 4: Božidar Peričić

TV crew (snimka)

Speaker: Saša Buneta
Mendi Dajana Čuljak
Mother: Jasna Palić Picukarić
Cook 1 Ivica Zadro
Cook 2 Vid Balog
Cook 3 Dražen Bratulić

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