“Ghost” Ballet Show


In this video Drew Jacoby, Rubinald Pronk, Prince Credell, and Leo Mujic dance the original piece by Leo Mujic for Jacoby Pronk and Dancers. It was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2011.

World Premiere November 2011 for Jacoby & Pronk
New Orleans, USA NOCCA Institute

GHOST was made possible by the generous support of the Strelizia Foundation and was co-commissioned by the New Orleans Ballet Association and NOCA Institute.

Choreography: Leo Mujic
Costumes: Thomas Mika and Julie Winn
Music: Anita Andreis
Lighting: Leo Mujic and Townsend Olcott
Production Manager: Townsend Olcott
Video: Joshua Martens
Video Editing: Grace Courvoisier
Dancers: Drew Jacoby, Rubinald Pronk, Leo Mujic, Prince Credell

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