I wrote the song “The Last War” in January 2017., a month after my return from the wonderful, insightful trip through sunny Indonesia and Australia. As it is in case of many of my songs, the story behind is multilayered. It is the collection of impressions that are sleeping in the collective subconscious of all of us and the historical pain embedded in our beings, (intertwined with the deep yearning to be free).

Foggy weeks and the cold in my hometown, triggered much of these “memories”. I always felt the cold is my enemy, but it isn’t. What it is – it is the trigger that awakens above-mentioned historical pain in me. As much as the first tendency is to escape, no meaningful song (or any other piece of art) would ever be created if one would lack the bravery to daringly go through, keep breathing through, the process of being extremely uncomfortable.

That’s what are artists for. They are carrying you through the icy fields while your feet remain warm.

It is almost impossible to understand the complexity of a human being, so in a way, I’ve stopped trying. The best thing I can offer myself and the world is to acknowledge all these layers of emotions – through music. Then the fear dissolves along with the recreation of the history.

The history that seems to keep repeating itself, cleverly disguised in differences that are easily fooling us, making our sight of the bigger, wider picture – almost unreachable.)

What is all behind all of that?

For me, it’s the ocean.

It’s the tremendous joy that you’re left with when you leave your pain-body (as Eckhart Tolle would say).


“Did you know our tears and our blood have the same percentage of the salt as the ocean?” I knew we are tied to the ocean …..”

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