CREATIVE DIARY #001 Tango of Sadness (Continuum part II)


Creative Diary #001 Tango of Sadness (Continuum 2)

This is something I am working on at the moment.

“Tango of Sadness” is a new musical offspring. It came to me as a result of being exposed to the turbulent and deeply moving experience of (almost) losing my father. It made me reevaluate everything, but no, it didn’t make me think about seizing, experiencing or achieving as much as possible from life. It made me stop postponing my deep breaths for some other, better day and seize it right now in its whole completeness. I, then, experienced such beauty in everything I saw that I just couldn’t help it but write a song about it.


This song is a continuation of a solo piano piece Continuum 1 which will be included on a very unusual album “Momentum” I’m working on.

The album will be both instrumental and vocal. The piano piece, orchestral composition, 3 songs – they all “came” from a special state of consciousness so I will not separate them just to try to fit my music in a more regular box.

ABOUT THE ALBUM (not yet released):

“Momentum” is the third instalment of a planned three-album series that began more than 5 years ago with “Chapter One” I somehow never published. I will. While “Chapter One” takes listeners down a path exploring themes of death and grief, “Chapter Two” begins a vertical movement back to the light but still on the ground. It is somewhat ironic, there are plenty of love songs etc. “Chapter Three: Momentum” continues a vertical movement into acceptance, stillness, awareness and exploration of a deeper inner realm.

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