Chapter Three: Continuum

by Anita Andreis

Anita Andreis
Clever Trick
Producer: Anita Andreis

Chapter Three: Continuum’ is the third sequel of a three-album series which will be released in a reversed order, from Chapter Three, followed by Chapter Two and then Chapter One.

“Continuum” represents a vertical movement into the light of acceptance, stillness, awareness and exploration of a deeper inner realm as well as mysteries that connect us.

Each song was written, composed and recorded in a spur of a moment with no further tweaking in order to retain the authenticity of emotion & catching the present moment of inspirational immersion as an utmost priority.

“Chapter Three” was inspired by my father and is dedicated to my parents and my daughter.

Videos (available on YouTube): Bruno Rodjak, Manuel Sumberac

《 MUSIC CREDITS 》 Music, lyrics, arrangement, orchestration, vocals, piano: Anita Andreis Drums: Filip Zganec Strings: Marie Grieg, Krunoslav Maric, Smiljan Mrcela Bass & guitars: Ognjen Cvekic Additional Vocals: Billy Rubin (on Tango of Sadness), Sandra Tribuson (on Continuum (I)) Mix & Mastering: Anita Andreis 《
《 VIDEO CREDITS 》 Do You Remember: Directed and animated by Manuel Sumberac Continuum: Directed by Natalliane Boucher Last War: Directed and animated by Bruno Rodjak Lyrics Videos: Bruno Rodak 》



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