Fruit breakfast induced thoughts

As this journey becoming increasingly complex, a basic question presents itself. That is:

How many simultaneous ideas and paths of the heart and the mind can a human really perceive?

《Similar to layers in music and perception of the listener.
You do know if you listened to my music, how I love layers and textures and more than one melody occurring at the same time. That’s how I live as well. Music is merely a reflection of that. If I ever change a way I perceive things, music will change as well. Not with new experiences, but with a new perception that might or might not come as a result of a new experience.》

However, this question above doesn’t have an exact answer, but the answer is surely less than infinite, right?

As textures (of life and music) get increasingly complex, the human ear (and the mind) naturally aggregates ideas and perceives them as a single (albeit complex) unit.

I’m starting to perceive everything and all – as one. But you know the deal with that? It doesn’t produce music.

It produces silence.

Written in Bali, November 6th, 2016.


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