New Album OUT NOW & 6 videos & moving to New Zealand!

Dreams do come true after all! ? Read on! ?
1⃣ I’m moving to New Zealand! ??  It was a long-awaited dream that is finally happening thanks to my music, as it enabled me to get a Talent (Culture, Arts, Sports) Visa! Thank you New Zealand for accepting me!! ❤️

2⃣ NEW ALBUM “Chapter Three: Continuum” is OUT on Thursday, October 17th when I will be flying away from my home country. I wanted to say goodbye and thank you in the best way I know. Check it out HERE!

3⃣ 6 videos (oh yeah SIX!) including two animation videos will be premiered on Youtube on October 17th, Thursday at noon. You will listen and watch while I’ll be flying away from my home country for good.❤️ Thank you, Bruno & Manuel, for making this possible in such a beautiful dreamy way!!❤️

Turn on the notifications for the Premiere and subscribe to my YouTube not to miss any of this!!! And do spread the word!

‘Chapter Three: Continuum’ is the third sequel of a three-album series which will be released in a reversed order, starting with Continuum, the album that came from a different source than Chapters One & Two. It came from stillness, acceptance, oneness and exploration of mysteries of a deeper inner realm.

Each song was created in a spur of a moment, in one breath and although I tried to perfect them afterwards, at the last moment, I returned to the first drafts and let them be just as they were when first created, because authenticity of emotion & catching the present moment of inspirational immersion is above everything else for me.

These songs are no longer mine and I am truly happy to give them to you.

I dedicate Chapter Three to my parents and my daughter.

On Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Continuum is FREE for you to download. ❤️ on 17th October. It’s also available on CdBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc.



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