It’s Christmas. I’m back to Croatia (sorry, I can’t say back home…) from my trip.

I could have made a promise that I’ll be in a northern hemisphere WHO I was in a southern hemisphere, but that’s doomed to be one broken promise, so I didn’t. I won’t. I know how changed I am when I change the place… how humble I was in Asia, how fearful I am in Croatia, how disciplined I am in Switzerland, how free I am in some parts of Australia.

The pic above is the place in Australia where I thought:”I don’t even have to move here. I can die, in peace, right now, for I’ve finally found it!”

I fell in love with many places, cities and islands but I didn’t fell in love with this one! With this one, I felt a grand peace I didn’t know my body and mind could even produce. Time has stopped. I’ve been changed in a way I can’t even explain with music. I was done with my quests. Huge relief, tremendous love for all those who helped me find it. And there were many. They don’t even know what they did for me. My gratitude is overwhelming. So I have the continuation of this life to show it to them. And to help them on their quests as well. That’s what we’re supposed to do to each other, right?

Second place of unbelievable strength and peace was this one and I experienced it thanks to my beautiful friend Antonija, who lives in Melbourne. It’s 12 Apostles.

The third place I’ve found with the help of my friend Valentina. Double rainbow showing up exactly when I came there, must have been some kind of a sign. 🙂 It’s the Sunshine Coast. Maroochydore.

EDIT = a few months later I started to write a song in foggy, wintery & grey Croatia. The Last War. Inspired by multiple stories from my travelling….. The first pic is the main visual inspiration for the video Last War.


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