Anita Andreis is a New Zealand-based artist, music producer, singer-songwriter and award-winning composer renowned for her works in the field of film music. She has worked on a variety of films, TV, theatre and ballet productions, both independent and commercial; and has won three Best Film Music Awards for her musical scores.
After moving to New Zealand in late 2019, Anita’s voice and expression went through a substantial transformation.  The impact of New Zealand on her creativity was first reflected in a brighter and more colourful tone and themes prevalent in her new music before it gradually shifted and expanded from auditive to visual arts. Her artworks range – from – seascapes and space – to – sacred geometry.





Film music critics describe Andreis’s music as “from haunting melancholic, ethereal expression to the dense orchestral textures with a brutal sound, she creates emotional and intellectual depths with a subliminal power that plunges into the narrative character of the film”.

Featured Soundtrack

Bobo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)




Her songs defy categorisation due to unusual stories and sound, quirky musical arrangements and complex structures, causing reviewers to describe them as „orchestral, ambient, indie, dark pop and art rock all at the same time“.

Featured Album

Chapter Three: Continuum






My SEASCAPES are inspired by my new life in New Zealand. Living close to the beach,  I’m a daily witness to the ocean’s various moods, shapes and colours. From tranquillity to unpredictability, it provides an endless source of inspiration; and a singularly nuanced perspective on the infinite, immortal phenomenon that is the ocean.

Music Reviews

Fans & Reviewers

  • Review by Alec Cunningham ****
    Croatian singer-songwriter Anita Andreis is equipped with a raspy voice complete with soothing, melodic harmonies that are a delight for the ears. Her most recent project is her first single from her solo project titled “Little Spring Snow Leftovers.” Not only is Andreis a songwriter, but she is also an award-winning film composer. And that style peeps through with her solo work. “Little Spring Snow Leftovers” has a compositional vastness to it that provides the track with layers of intricacy. With this new singer-songwriter venture, Andreis pulls influence from her background in orchestra and film. Her vocals fill much of the space in the track and the instrumentation does the rest of the work. Though there is a lot going on in this song, it creates the perfect amount of presence and generates the precise buildup necessary. She knows how to build up suspense in her tracks, both through her vocals as well as through her track composition.<br /> On top of that Andreis proves herself once again through her songwriting capabilities. The track is about falling in love and the hold love can have over a person. She concludes the first verse with, “And she said, take me to the desert; I know we’ve just met, but I sink down through layers of you.” She writes in a way that allows listeners us an intimate glimpse at an unfolding love story. It will be interesting to sit down and listen to a subsequent full-length release from the musician; she may very well surprise us all with a release to be remembered.
  • Review by Dubravko Jagatic ***** Date: 02.04.2019. Nacional (Croatian Weekly)
    ANITA ANDREIS ‘BOBO’ SOUNDTRACK’: A Film Score Masterpiece</p> <p>It is not very often that soundtrack for a Croatian film merits being<br /> given proper attention. The soundtrack to the short animated film “Bobo”<br /> by Andrej Rehak composed by Anita Andreis truly deserves to be praised.<br /> Anita Andreis is a composer with years of experience and is far from being<br /> a newcomer to the trade. She has composed music for feature films, short<br /> and animated films as well as for theatre and ballet productions, among<br /> other things. She is a composer, music producer, singer, and a musician<br /> who holds a degree “Orchestration and Production of Music for Film and<br /> Games” from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. So why is her<br /> music for this utterly delightful film so good? Because she managed to<br /> express a whole range of emotions through her music, which facilitates a better understanding of the story and gives the film yet another<br /> dimension. Her effort was acknowledged at the 27th Days of Croatian Film<br /> whose jury awarded her with the Best Music Award, explaining their<br /> choice in the following way: “at the time when electronic music prevails, it<br /> is really refreshing to hear a classical piece of music, especially when it<br /> resonates with the nostalgic, supernatural film narrative. In the manner of<br /> Erik Satie, there are passages that take us back to childhood, creating a<br /> feeling of great comfort.” Had this been the case of music composed for a<br /> Hollywood movie, backed by a powerful film studio, Anita Andreis might<br /> have even won the Oscar together with the compliments, thereby joining<br /> the film score greats the like of John Williams, Hans Zimmer and others.</p> <p>The fact that it is the score for a short animated film makes no difference<br /> when we are talking about magnificent music that should be praised and<br /> pointed out because it deserves all the compliments. Furthermore,<br /> perhaps these nine beautiful, albeit short, musical moments could serve<br /> as a starting point for a more comprehensive piece of music. To conclude,<br /> such beautiful and sincere emotions conveyed by wonderful music can<br /> rarely be heard in Croatia.
  • Review by Artistrack ***** Date: April 2019
    A journey between soothing melodies and stellar compositional skills.</p> <p>Anita Andreis is a talented artist based in Croatia. She has developed a very distinctive approach to music. Her songs have a special flavor, and they almost have a visual color to them, thanks to Anita’s expansive personality and distinctive character.</p> <p>Her most recent studio release is actually taken from the soundtrack of a movie, and it is titled “Bobo.” This stunning instrumental composition kicks off with a rather simple and understated introduction. However, the piano arpeggio pick up in terms of pace and intricacy, making for a really beautiful sonic soundscape. The song is very rich and detailed in its performance, yet it is strikingly simple and minimalistic in terms of production aesthetics and recording.</p> <p>Bobo is a beautiful soundtrack project, and the self-titled single is only a small part of the listening experience. The whole concept is really emotional and touching, and it is even more impressive when you enjoy it in addition to the visuals of the actual movie, which matches the melancholic twist of the music with some beautiful art direction.
  • Ashar
    Excellent harmonies....and the song Little Spring Snow Leftovers has its own character. Reminded me of Stevie Nicks..nostalgic feel...pretty awesome..
  • Denis K.
    ``Your Pain is My Paint`` Everything is said and played in this song! ...This kind of music is a soul healing experience! Thanks!
  • Jeff Roberts
    Tori Amos without the self-pity. I really enjoyed this!!
  • Fredrik Swahn
    Magical! A wonderful song with a beautiful story. I love how the singer's voice is layered on top of itself in a way that creates a very special sound.

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